Lunar Poetry Shorts #60 – Proletarian Poetry

In our 75th upload(!) David Turner is in Kentish Town, north London talking to editor of Proletarian Poetry Peter Raynard. They discuss the reasons for Peter starting the blog, how he identifies working class poetry and the need (and wish) to pay poets for public readings.

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Lunar Poetry Podcast #15 – Jemima Foxtrot

David Turner talks to writer and performer, Jemima Foxtrot. The pair discuss Jemima’s interest in the sound of language, her award nominated solo show ‘Melody’ and up coming debut collection ‘All Damn Day’ (Burning Eye Books).

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Lunar Poetry Shorts #59 – Speaking Volumes

David Turner is in Camden, north London talking to co-founders of Speaking Volumes, Sharmilla Beezmohun and Sarah Sanders. They tell David about the motivations behind starting the organisation, future projects and the current tour in the U.S., Breaking Ground. Breaking Ground is an initiative to promote black British writers in the U.K. and abroad.

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Lunar Poetry Shorts #57 – Paul Cree

David Turner talks to Paul Cree. They discuss the influence music has had over Paul’s writing and how writing poetry has lead onto longer forms of writing. The intimidating nature of open mic events for beginners also crops up.

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Lunar Poetry Shorts #55 – WORDUP 411

Michelle Madsen talks Olumide Holloway about setting up and financing spoken word events in Nigeria. Olumide also explains how WORDUP 411 find and nurture new poets and plans for a ‘talent-style’ TV show.

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Lunar Poetry Shorts #54 – Wana Udobang

Michelle Madsen is in Freedom Park in Lagos, Nigeria talking to Wana Udobang. Wana tells Michelle how depression originally led her to start writing poetry. The pair discuss the enforced silence that Wana feels hangs over Nigerian women and how that may be changing.

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Lunar Poetry Podcast #14 – Rest

David Turner talks to Dr Holly Pester and Dr James Wilkes about their involvement in the residency programme, ‘Hubbub at Wellcome Collection’. Holly and James discuss how the residency’s theme of ‘Rest’ has come to inform new work.

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