Where to find Lunar Poetry Podcasts

The permanent homes of Lunar Poetry Podcasts are now iTunes and Soundcloud. Follow them there, and, if you like, vote for them in The British Podcast Awards and the Saboteur Awards.


Edinburgh Podcasts

The first Lunar Shorts from Edinburgh are now online, with Jake Wild Hall & Joel Auterson from Boomerang Club, and Harry Baker. You can listen to them here. There will be more going up over the next couple of weeks on a more or less daily basis.

Lunar Poetry Podcasts Update

A quick update to let you in on some good news about the Lunar Poetry Podcast. The Podcast has received some funding from Arts Council England in order to extend its reach and improve its quality. David Turner and his team have already managed to bring you podcasts from Sweden, Turkey, Cuba, Nigeria and all over the UK – with this funding they will be able to get out of London more often and record interviews and performances they would previously have been unable to. They will also be able to set up a dedicated website from which all past and future podcasts will be downloadable.

This all takes a bit of setting up, so things will be a little quiet on the podcast front until the beginning of September, when there will be a new 12 month programme of guest hosts and episodes from around the country.
That said, if you do happen to be in London on Sunday 24th July, you will be able to see a live Lunar Poetry Podcast being recorded as part of the Betsey Trotwood Poetry All-Dayer between 3 and 4pm, featuring readings from LPP regulars.
Keep up with what’s going on in the meantime by following @Silent_Tongue on Twitter.
Also, while I’m here, a quick reminder that the Issue 11 Launch will be at the Peckham Pelican from 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd August. More details shortly.

Lunar Poetry Shorts #64 – English PEN

Paul McMenemy talks to Cat Lucas and Robert Sharp from English PEN about writers at risk. Includes readings of translations of poetry by Ashraf Fayadh and Liu Xia, as well as Andrew McMillan’s poem in response to Ashraf’s work, recorded at the Modern Literature Festival.

For more info see:
Writers in translation: http://worldbookshelf.englishpen.org/
PEN at the Ledbury Festival: https://www.englishpen.org/campaigns/…
Modern Literature Festival videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/fowlerpo…
Poetry by Ashraf Fayadh in English: https://arablit.org/?s=Ashraf+Fayadh&…
Poetry by Liu Xia in English: https://pen.org/poetry/five-poems-liu…

Lunar Poetry Podcast #16 -The Cockney Bard, Garry Johnson

David Turner is in Pitsea, Essex talking to ‘The Original Punk Poet’ Garry Johnson. The pair talk poetry, Oi! and all manner of things anti-establishment (and inevitably the EU referendum). Garry reads five poems from his new collection, The Cockney Bard (New Haven Publishing).

For more info see:
http://www.twitter.com/familycourts (Garry Johnson)
United Against Austerity – Single by Garry Johnson & Insane Society

Lunar Poetry Shorts #63 – Jo Hauge

David Turner is in Peckham, south-east London talking to performance artist, writer and (some time) activist Jo Hauge. The pair discuss Jo’s involvement with the recent protest action at Tate Modern ‘Where is Ana Mendieta?’, the implications of being read as female by audiences and using humour to talk about traumatic experiences.

For more info see:

Lunar Poetry Shorts #62 – Sophie Cameron

David Turner is at the Royal Festival Hall talking to poet, Sophie Cameron. They discuss Sophie’s writing style and motivations, stage personas and her new monthly spoken word/cabaret night Red Raw. Red Raw has a dedicated ‘fan page’ on Facebook.


For more info see:


Lunar Poetry Shorts #60 – Proletarian Poetry

In our 75th upload(!) David Turner is in Kentish Town, north London talking to editor of Proletarian Poetry Peter Raynard. They discuss the reasons for Peter starting the blog, how he identifies working class poetry and the need (and wish) to pay poets for public readings.

For more info see:

Lunar Poetry Podcast #15 – Jemima Foxtrot

David Turner talks to writer and performer, Jemima Foxtrot. The pair discuss Jemima’s interest in the sound of language, her award nominated solo show ‘Melody’ and up coming debut collection ‘All Damn Day’ (Burning Eye Books).

For more info see: