Issue 10, July 2016

cover 10.jpg

Poems by Jenny Ellest, Lizzy Palmer, Sarah Taylor-Fergusson, London Undercurrents, Kat Soini, Gboyega Odubanjo, Christos Kallis, James Bell, Ray Diamond, Christopher Williams, Godefroy Dronsart, Marcus Slease, Willie James King, Jessica Wiseman Lawrence, Dennis Tomlinson, Rishi Rohatgi, Stewart Bartlam, Anne Pia, Fiona Sinclair, Susan Jordan, Holly Day, Colin Campbell Robinson, Fran Baillie, Beth McDonough, Nikki Robson, Paul McMenemy and A M Spence.

Reviews of Four Pamphlets from Eyewear, Luna Park by Grevel Lindop, Her Wings of Glass edited by Schneider, Shuttle & Woods, Hooligans by Katriona Naomi,Undisturbed Circles by Bethany W. Pope and Familiars by Linda Rose Parkes.

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Issue 9, June 2016

Cover 9

Poems by Colin Pink, MV Williams, Holly Magill, Maria C McCarthy, Dave Gregg, Tom Pescatore, Jim Bennett, Anne Britting Oleson, Anthony Ward, Gillie Robic, Dennis Tomlinson, Mark Floyer, C.B. Anderson, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, Mantz Yorke, MJ Duggan, Naz Cuguoğlu, Jane Baston, Diarmuid ó Maolalai, David Turner and Christopher Barnes.

Article: Who is poetry for? Or, Why we hold our launch night in a pub in South-East London by Paul McMenemy.

Reviews of Ways to Build a Roadblock by Josh Ekroy, Short of Breath by Vivien Jones, Woodland Poems by Douglas Thornton, The Liberal Media Made Me Do It! ed. Robbi Nester, Slim Volume: No Love Lost ed. Kate Garrett, Supergrooviness by Christopher Mulrooney and The Wild Poetry Mashup, Passing Clouds, London.

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Lunar Poetry 8! No, really.

Alright folks, it’s taken a bloody long time, but we are, at last, back.

Here are Allan Baines‘s cover for LP8, and the contents page (please excuse the spellcheck squiggles) full of good things.

The magazine is available from March 1st, and we will be launching at The Peckham Pelican on Tuesday, 8th March, starting at 7.30pm. We will have a mixture of readers from the magazine and open mic poets, and it shall be good. Free entry; copies of the magazine will be available at the venue.


A final note: April’s Issue 9 is nearly assembled, too (anyone who has been told we’re publishing your poems, but whose name does not appear on the LP8 contents page above, this is why – your work will be in LP9), but, from March 1st we will be open for submissions to Issue 10 and beyond: keep an eye out.

[EDIT: For the time being, we are moving to a bi-monthly schedule. Issue 9 will appear in May, Issue 10 in July, and so on.]

Issue 8 is now sold out in print format.

Double Issue 6 & 7, January/February 2015 – The New Nonsense

Cover 6

Poems by: Vik Shirley, Tam Blaxter, Christopher Mulrooney, Carolyn Oulton, Jessica Wortley, Peter Ebsworth, David Turner, Wynn Wheldon, William Roychowdhury, Beth McDonough, Chris Hemingway, Ölmo Lazarus, MJ Duggan, Mantz Yorke, Grant Tarbard, Krishan Coupland, Owen Vince, Pippa Little, Pat Simmons, Myra Schneider, Noel King, Tim Kiely, Daniel Roy Connelly, Donald Chegwin, Bethany W. Pope, Jenny Ellest, Robert Wood, JS Watts, Lucy Winrow, Fiona Sinclair, Kamikawa, Dane Cobain, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, Kevin Heaton, Mitchell Grabois, Jan Moran Neil, Jenny Cross, Fran Baillie, Aidan Fadden, Michael Morris, Seth Crook, Jeremy Keighley, Dennis Tomlinson

Audio Poems by: Shadwell Smith, Kamikawa, Jason Pilley and David Turner

Reviews of: Collections by Jemma L. King, Sue Moules, Kyle Laws, Bobby Parker Alwyn Marriage, Noel King, Simon Travers; and live reviews of: Fen Speak, 503Fusions, The Shipwrecked House

Articles on: Nonsense in Poetry, by Paul McMenemy, and Cider [or the need for a critical audience in spoken word], by David Turner

A Poem in Detail: David Clarke, Phoebe Walker and Paul McMenemy discuss Wynn Wheldon’s ‘Subject’.

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Issue 5, December 2014 – Drunk on the Moon

Cover 5

Poems by: Anthony Ward, Noel King, Ernesto Sarezale, Mandy Macdonald, Meg Eden, David O’Hanlon, Conrad Geller, Frederick Pollack, Jane Burn, Jenny Cross, Godefroy Dronsart, Nick Browne, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Holly Magill, Daniel Roy Connelly, David Grubb

Audio Poems by: Gram Joel Davies

Reviews of: Nigel Jarrett, Michael Curtis, Philip Pollecoff, Mel Pryor, Rick Smith, Lettie McKie

Interview: Li Bo, T’ang Poetry and Translation – Brad Evans interviews An-Li Chang Williams

A Poem in Detail: Clare Mulley, Niall O’Sullivan and Paul McMenemy discuss ‘Messing With You’ by Frederick Pollack

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Issue 4, November 2014 – Lunar Poetry: Office Edition

Lunar Poetry Cover Volume 04

Poems by: Prudence Chamberlain, Giulia Tomassi, Lucy Furlong, Barry Charman, David Cooke, J. D. Smith, Holly Magill, Selina Nwulu, Tim Kiely, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jason Pilley, Seth Crook, Laura McKee, Patrick Cash, Nick Browne, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Angela Topping, Colin James, Marc Carver, Amanda Yskamp, Jeremy Keighley

Audio Poems by: Ariel Fintushel

Reviews of: Stephen Watts, Richie MacCaffery, The Emma Press Anthology of Fatherhood, Neil Curry, Tim Kiely, Gary Beck, Freeway Poets, Bournemouth

Articles: The Evolution of Poetry, by Gary Beck; On the need for a poetry bookshop, by Paul McMenemy

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Issue 3, October 2014 – The moon has lost her memory

Cover 3

Poems by: Daniel Roy Connelly, Richie McCaffery, Tom Bland, Richard Thomas, Mantz Yorke, Beth McDonough, Sam Smith, Jonathan Steffen, Imogen Forster, AM Spence, Zelda Chappel, David Olsen, Andrew Barnes, Jennie Farley, Dennis Tomlinson, Willie James King, Lizzy Palmer, Greg Freeman

Audio Poems by: David Turner

Reviews of: Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Three Books from Eyewear, C.P. Stewart, Lummox Number 2, Farrago Freshers Slam

Article: The Poetics of Paying Attention, by Tim Kiely

A Poem in Detail: Phoebe Power, Kirsten Irving and Paul McMenemy discuss ‘La Caleta’ by Beth McDonough

Make Poetry History: Weldon Kees. Paul McMenemy has a brief look at Weldon Kees’s Collected Poems.

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Issue 2, September 2014 – LP Phone Home

Cover 2

Poems by: Kadeem Beresford-James, Colin Campbell Robinson, Daniel Roy Connelly, Kirsten Luckins, Craig Cunningham, Patrick Holloway, Natalie Shaw, David Clarke, Dennis Tomlinson, Steve Lorriman, Jim Bennett, Rosamund Brown, Neil Fulwood, Sam Small, Andrew Pidoux, Marc Carver, Daniel Williams, Nigel Jarrett, Rob Halpern, Jenny Cross

Audio Poem by:  The James Worse Public Address Method

Reviews of: Ten Poems from Scotland, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, SJ Fowler & Auld Enemies, Paul Farley & Robert Crawford, Unmade Bed / Braindead Poetry Party and our Edinburgh Round-Up

Article: Spoken Word Past & Present, Part 2, by Paul McMenemy                                     

A Poem in Detail: Melissa Lee-Houghton, Rob Miles and Phoebe Walker discuss ‘Throw’ by David Clarke.

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Issue 1, August 2014 – What is Lunar Poetry?


Poems by: Kirsten Irving, Hugh McMillan, Fanni Sütő, Myra Schneider, Martyn Crucefix, Andrew James Brown, Bob Beagrie, Godefroy Dronsart, David Grubb, Alwyn Marriage, Sean Wai Keung, Gary From Leeds, Fiona Nelson, Magdalena Wolak, Carolyn Oulton, Niall Firth, Chris Baughan, Lesley Burt, Tim Kiely, Rob Miles, D.S. West, Stuart A. Paterson

Audio Poems by: Chris Baughan, Bob Beagrie with SJ Forth

Reviews of: Lucy Lepchani and Melissa Lee-Houghton, Norbert Hirschhorn, Candlestick Press Children’s Pamphlets, Three Pamphlets from Doghouse Books, Utter! Space, Star of Kings, London

Article: Spoken Word Past and Present, Part 1, by Paul McMenemy

A Poem in Detail: Wynn Wheldon, David Clarke and Claire Trévien discuss ‘Second Prize Answer’ by Carolyn Oulton.

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