Bookshop update

Things always take longer than you think they will – I have found that is a pretty good rule for life, and it applies to the opening of bookshops as well. We initially intended to open on Sunday, 9th August. However, while it would be possible to do so, it would not be possible to do so with everything the way I want it. I think opening a dedicated poetry bookshop in London is an important thing to do, so I want to get it right. If I do not, it may be some time before anyone else decides to attempt something similar.

Once everything is ready, I will announce a new launch date in plenty of time for those who want to attend. In the meantime, the special edition pamphlets and postcards will be in the post later this month, along with the other perks promised to those who donated to the crowdfunding campaign.

Finally, since the launch is not going ahead this Sunday, the launch of Lunar Poetry 8/9 will also be postponed. As not many of this issue’s poets were available to read, this is not a big problem. Those who were planning to read can send me their address and I will post their copy to them. If you have made travel arrangements from outside of London, please write to me and I will reimburse your travel costs.


Bookshop Update #3

A quick update on the bookshop.

The crowdfunding campaign is now over. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed and helped spread the word. We didn’t quite reach our £5,000 target, but we raised enough cash to get started. The shop will be opening at the start of August – more details nearer the time. Those of you who donated will be getting your perks sent out around the end of July/start of August (depending on how quickly we can get the pamphlets and postcards printed).

There will be regular updates here over the next few weeks. The shelves will be going up next week – hopefully we’ll have some photos to show you – and then it’s just a case of filling them.

We’ve had a few nice bits of press coverage lately – if you want to hear more about the project check out these pieces in Write Out Loud: this is a write up of Silence Found a Tongue, the monthly spoken word night held at I’klectik, where the shop will be; and here is an interview I did with Frances Spurrier about the shop. Most surreally, here are me and David Turner on the Robert Elms show on BBC London – our bit starts about 1 hour 37 minutes in, but he also talks to people from the Poetry Library and the Poetry Cafe (also, Tom Robinson! – though we didn’t get to meet him, sadly), so the whole thing is worth a listen.

Cheers, Paul.

Bookshop Update #2

I’ve been having a bit of computer trouble this week, so The Number Nothing #1 will go up next Tuesday, and I may not be able to get this week’s other features up either – it’s a race against time before my back-up computer dies; in the meantime, please do leave a comment telling me why my poem is crap.

So, only a day and a half to go until the end of our Indiegogo campaign. Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated and spread the word. We are quite close to our target of £5,000. Whether we reach the target or not we will now be able to start the bookshop, however if we reach the target we pay a much smaller fee to Indiegogo out of the funds raised, which obviously means we have more to spend on making the shop as good as we can, so, please, if you know anyone with an interest in poetry, or just with the arts engaging with the public, do let them know about our project.



Bookshop Update #1

Every Wednesday from now on there will be an update on this site on how the bookshop is doing. If you have somehow missed the fact that we are trying to set up a dedicated poetry bookshop in London have a look at the Bookshop tag above for an idea of what we’re trying to do and why.

The Indiegogo campaign is still going. It will finish on Friday, 5th June, so not long left to contribute if you think this is worth doing, and I hope you do. Even if you can’t give any money, spreading the word through social media, or any other way you can, would really help. Have a look at the campaign page, and see what you think. Thank you so much to those of you who have already contributed or have helped spread the word.

These updates will be a bit more substantial once the funding period is over and we start getting to work in the space, but until then, cheers.