May Update


A short update, this time, as there isn’t too much to report – or at least very much I can make interesting. Work on the website continues, and I’m looking forward to putting a testable version up next month. There is actually quite a lot of stuff that I, at least, find interesting about the process of trying to make a useful bookselling website, and I might try and describe some of the difficulties involved once the test version goes up. I’ll be looking for feedback and suggestions, so perhaps a description of the process might be useful.

Other than that, I am taking a few extra days to tidy up LP11. Due to the length of time since poems under consideration were submitted, it is likely some have since been published elsewhere. Personally, a poem being published in more than one place has never particularly bothered me: the poetry periodical milieu is so disparate that the chances of coming across the same poem in two different publications are fairly slim; and if it’s a good poem, so what? However, I know most editors, and some poets, do not take that view, so I am currently trying to work out how many poems I can include without the issue becoming malnourished if a certain number of poems are no longer available, or obese, if every poem I would like to include was unpublished elsewhere. No matter how many I choose, I will still be leaving some good poems out, and I think issue 11 ought to be a pretty good one in any event.

I’ll have a bit more to say next month, when the website beta and the final proofs of LP11 are done. Until then,



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