April Update – LP11, Bookshop schedule, &c.


Issue 11 of Lunar Poetry will be published on 1 July. Initial proofs will be sent to contributors on 1 May; final proofs on 1 June.

After that, LP will enter suspended animation until December 2018. Submissions will be closed until late 2018, and any poems already submitted to LP after May 2016 are not under consideration for LP 11 and will not be held over for LP 12. LP 11 is likely to be a bumper edition in any case, and it is fair that those who have waited longest get to feature, and I cannot justify holding on to any of the poems submitted in the last year for any longer than I already have.

Reviews from LP 10 will be going up on this blog over the next week or so, and reviews from LP 11 will go up simultaneously with the print publication.

There may be the odd bit of non-magazine publishing in the intervening period, depending on time and resources, but most of my attention and energy are now going to be taken up by the


The magazine is being officially put into stasis in order to allow me to focus exclusively on the bookshop. As you will recall, we raised a little under £4,000 after Indiegogo fees to open a shop. Once our initial venue and its absurdly small rent fell through, this was not enough to feasibly do so straight off the bat. It will, though, pay for two things: a website, and a van – and what more does anyone need in life?

Here is the schedule for the bookshop:

1 June 2017 – Prototype internet poetry bookshop

A link will be put up on this blog in order for the site to be tested and improvements suggested.

1 August 2017 – Live internet poetry bookshop

The website goes live, selling actual books to actual punters

1 December 2017 (depending on success of online shop) – Mobile poetry bookshop

Mobile bookshop parking in various parts of London and hopefully further afield selling poetry books

Profits from these will go towards getting a bricks’n’mortar shop – I’m not putting a date on this as I currently have no idea how long it will take to get the necessary funds. However, as the process goes on, we should get some idea of how we’re doing and I will be posting updates on this blog on the first Monday of the month from now on. Leave a comment on the blogpost if you want to get in


There is currently no Lunar Poetry email address – there will be one by 1 May; in the meantime, if you have a question I haven’t so far answered you can leave it as a comment on this blog and I will attempt to answer it in next month’s update.

The Facebook and Twitter pages will remain up, but only as amplifiers of these blog posts. Useful tools that they are, they are also a mess of anger and anxiety and I have quite enough of that to deal with in my day job, thanks.

Finally, Lunar Poetry Podcasts (currently nominated for a British Podcast Award and a Saboteur Award, which continues unaffected by anything said above (and can now be found on iTunes and Soundcloud), is a separate entity from Lunar Poetry – think of them as sister publications. Its full-time focus is producing high-quality pieces of audio infotainment about poetry and ancillary concerns. Don’t ask David Turner or anyone else involved about the magazine or the bookshop, because they won’t be able to tell you anything more than what’s on this page.










2 thoughts on “April Update – LP11, Bookshop schedule, &c.

  1. I’m sorry Paul, but you can’t keep disappearing for years at a time and then carry on as if everything has been fine. I donated £350 towards a bricks & mortar bookshop
    that should have happened some years ago. I did not donate towards a web-site or a van as possible (and I stress possible) proper shop some years down the line. As I requested two or three times, I want my donation repaid in full, £350 less, what, 4 editions of Lunar Poetry. I’m not convinced I’ll ever see this money again since you’ve ignored my previous requests, and if I don’t I’ll have to put it down to your incompetence (I will no longer give you the benefit of health problems), but I sadly have to say it will feel more like a rip-off. Either way I want nothing more to do with you or Lunar Poetry.


    • I can assure you that this is the first time I have seen a request to return your money, but I am happy to do so, and have now emailed you to make arrangements.

      If any other contributors to the crowdfunding campaign similarly feel that this is the most poorly thought-out get-rich-quick scheme in history, then leave a comment and I will repay you.


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