Issue 9, June 2016

Cover 9

Poems by Colin Pink, MV Williams, Holly Magill, Maria C McCarthy, Dave Gregg, Tom Pescatore, Jim Bennett, Anne Britting Oleson, Anthony Ward, Gillie Robic, Dennis Tomlinson, Mark Floyer, C.B. Anderson, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, Mantz Yorke, MJ Duggan, Naz Cuguoğlu, Jane Baston, Diarmuid ó Maolalai, David Turner and Christopher Barnes.

Article: Who is poetry for? Or, Why we hold our launch night in a pub in South-East London by Paul McMenemy.

Reviews of Ways to Build a Roadblock by Josh Ekroy, Short of Breath by Vivien Jones, Woodland Poems by Douglas Thornton, The Liberal Media Made Me Do It! ed. Robbi Nester, Slim Volume: No Love Lost ed. Kate Garrett, Supergrooviness by Christopher Mulrooney and The Wild Poetry Mashup, Passing Clouds, London.

You can buy the issue here.


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