Newsletter – June 2016: Issue 9 Launch

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Hello, it’s been a while since the last newsletter, so we’ve a few things to catch up on.

First of all, if you’re reading this online and are wondering why you haven’t seen it in your inbox (if you are subscribed to this newsletter), check your spam folder. We had a little trouble with spammers a few months ago, which seems to be sorted now, but which has led to some of our emails being marked as spam by some email services.

Issue 9 Launch

Issue 9 is at the press right now, and will launch at The Peckham Pelican on Tuesday, June 14th at 7.30pm. We have ­­­­­­­­­a number of readers from the issue, including Mark Floyer, MJ Duggan, Gillie Robic, Tim Kiely, Colin Pink and MV Williams, plus open mic spots. It’s free to get in, and it should be good.

Our previous launch was our first one at the Pelican and it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad to say we will now be there every month, provisionally on the first Tuesday of the month, from July 5th onwards. And yes, this means that we are finally returning to monthly publication.

Also, for next Tuesday, we will have ebooks ready to buy from the main site. Formatting poetry for ebook publication is a finnicky process, but one that is increasingly worth doing: in some ways, poetry is perfectly suited to be read on an ereader – consumed in short bursts while travelling or in waiting rooms, etc.. Unfortunately the technology isn’t quite at the point where converting poetry to ebook form while keeping its formatting is an easy thing to do. I’ll be discussing this further in a blog post shortly, because I think it’s an interesting subject, and a post might be of some use to anyone else considering doing the same thing.

Finally, there is no Audio Page corresponding to Issue 9. We are looking at another way of showcasing audio poetry. With any luck we will be able to give you more details by the end of the month.

Saboteur Awards

A quick congratulation to all the winners and nominees, which included one of our new co-editors, Stuart A. Paterson, for best pamphlet. Lunar Poetry Podcasts was longlisted for Best Wildcard, and many former podcast interviewees featured on the shortlists, including winners Emily Harrison (Best Spoken Word Performer), Bethany W. Pope (Best Reviewer, for which our own David Turner was longlisted) and Abi Palmer (Best Wildcard).

Bookshop News

We have provisionally organised our first pop-up appearance – as you may know, until we are able to find permanent premises, we are planning to pop up at various poetry events and venues. As soon as we have concrete details, we’ll let you know. We are also planning to set up online: the website is progressing, and I’m hopeful we’ll have something to show there too pretty soon.

Thanks for reading – maybe I’ll see you at The Peckham Pelican next Tuesday.




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