The last of the subscriber copies of LP8 should be arriving in the post over the next day or so. This includes those ordered as bookshop crowdfunding perks. Postcards, back issues and pamphlets will be going out over the coming months. For where we are on the bookshop you can have a look here. We should have a bit more news on that soon.

On March 8th we had the launch of Issue 8 at The Peckham Pelican in South London. It was a very good night, and we had fantastic readings from Miguel Cullen, Lizzy Palmer, James Ross-Edwards, Aidan Fadden, Alex Marsh and Jason Pilley, all of whom have work featured in the issue, plus some excellent open mic performers.

It’s great to be back publishing the magazine again. Hopefully, it has been worth the wait. I now have a cadre of co-editors – Robert de Born, Hannah Gordon, Stuart Paterson and Magdalena Wolak – helping me go through submissions, which should mean that we never go on year-long hiatus again. Currently we are operating on a bi-monthly schedule; so Issue 9 will be out in May. Until we build up our subscriber base again, it is simply not affordable to go monthly. However I am hopeful we will be able to return to monthly publication before the end of the year.

On the plus side, this gives me more time to work on the blog and website. We’re currently updating the podcast archive, adding one a day over the next few weeks. Alternatively you can listen to them all via Youtube, and keep up to date with them by following @Silent_Tongue on Twitter. I’ll also be updating the Reviews page on a similar schedule and adding the odd bit and/or piece to the blog while I’m at it.



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