Lunar Poetry 8! No, really.

Alright folks, it’s taken a bloody long time, but we are, at last, back.

Here are Allan Baines‘s cover for LP8, and the contents page (please excuse the spellcheck squiggles) full of good things.

The magazine is available from March 1st, and we will be launching at The Peckham Pelican on Tuesday, 8th March, starting at 7.30pm. We will have a mixture of readers from the magazine and open mic poets, and it shall be good. Free entry; copies of the magazine will be available at the venue.


A final note: April’s Issue 9 is nearly assembled, too (anyone who has been told we’re publishing your poems, but whose name does not appear on the LP8 contents page above, this is why – your work will be in LP9), but, from March 1st we will be open for submissions to Issue 10 and beyond: keep an eye out.

[EDIT: For the time being, we are moving to a bi-monthly schedule. Issue 9 will appear in May, Issue 10 in July, and so on.]

Issue 8 is now sold out in print format.


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