Bookshop update

Things always take longer than you think they will – I have found that is a pretty good rule for life, and it applies to the opening of bookshops as well. We initially intended to open on Sunday, 9th August. However, while it would be possible to do so, it would not be possible to do so with everything the way I want it. I think opening a dedicated poetry bookshop in London is an important thing to do, so I want to get it right. If I do not, it may be some time before anyone else decides to attempt something similar.

Once everything is ready, I will announce a new launch date in plenty of time for those who want to attend. In the meantime, the special edition pamphlets and postcards will be in the post later this month, along with the other perks promised to those who donated to the crowdfunding campaign.

Finally, since the launch is not going ahead this Sunday, the launch of Lunar Poetry 8/9 will also be postponed. As not many of this issue’s poets were available to read, this is not a big problem. Those who were planning to read can send me their address and I will post their copy to them. If you have made travel arrangements from outside of London, please write to me and I will reimburse your travel costs.


2 thoughts on “Bookshop update

  1. Dear Mr McMenemy,
    I have previously enquired about the mutually useful suggestion of submitting copies of my self-financed CD “Poetry
    to Please” and verse/lyric publication “Singing Words” to the stock held in your forthcoming bookshop, based on
    no cost to you and a mutually agreed share of financial income (if any!) from sale thereof in your shop.
    I realise you are busy enough but perhaps you might consider and hopefully agree to my suggestion. I can
    forward a sample copy of each to any address you provide for your attention if required. Further copies
    are readily available for stock purposes from this writer.
    Thank you.
    M.C. Newberry (contributor – Indiegogo campaign)
    Flat 2
    31A Harcourt tStreet
    London W1H 4HU


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