Issues 6&7 Audio Page

Alexander ‘Woody’ Woodward

On Humanity


Woody read Classics at Royal Holloway, University of London where he wrote stand-up, acted in plays, and read poems in ancient languages. He is an Artistic Associate of By Jove Theatre Company, for whom he has written, edited, performed, and made tea. During the day he spends his time in a classroom full of 8-year olds who think him weird but quite pleasant. He has been writing poetry for five years, and performing it for six months.

Shadwell Smith

Fish Out of Water


Shadwell Smith is a performance poet who scribbles on Post-It notes and tropical fruit. He likes to wear man-made fabrics and isn’t afraid to use the odd cultural reference. His poems have appeared in Snakeskin, Ink, Sweat and Tears, London Grip, Prole and Message in a Bottle.

Three poems by Kamikawa

An Ending


Hot Sex Sun


Body Talk


Kamikawa (born Tristan Coleshaw, 1984), is a poet, singer/songwriter and blogger. His poetry has been featured in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, his music with pop group WIRED was featured on BBC3’s Upstaged, and his collaboration with the band Intrinzic was released by Changing World Records. Follow him at You can read these poems in the print version of LP 6&7.

The next three poems were performed after the recording of LP Podcast 4:

Jason Pilley

Writer’s Block


Jason Pilley… hopes to one day do something worth bragging about.

David Turner



David Turner
2&1 with liquor and plenty of chilli vinegar. peabody avenue, old pye st, (the) walworth rd.
it was flat at one point, really fucking flat.
john dickson.
i tried to stand still once. i tried so hard.
hating poetry so you don’t have to.

Two Poets, One Mic (Jason Pilley & David Turner)


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