Issue 3, October 2014 – The moon has lost her memory

Cover 3

Poems by: Daniel Roy Connelly, Richie McCaffery, Tom Bland, Richard Thomas, Mantz Yorke, Beth McDonough, Sam Smith, Jonathan Steffen, Imogen Forster, AM Spence, Zelda Chappel, David Olsen, Andrew Barnes, Jennie Farley, Dennis Tomlinson, Willie James King, Lizzy Palmer, Greg Freeman

Audio Poems by: David Turner

Reviews of: Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Three Books from Eyewear, C.P. Stewart, Lummox Number 2, Farrago Freshers Slam

Article: The Poetics of Paying Attention, by Tim Kiely

A Poem in Detail: Phoebe Power, Kirsten Irving and Paul McMenemy discuss ‘La Caleta’ by Beth McDonough

Make Poetry History: Weldon Kees. Paul McMenemy has a brief look at Weldon Kees’s Collected Poems.

You can buy the issue here.


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