Issue 2, September 2014 – LP Phone Home

Cover 2

Poems by: Kadeem Beresford-James, Colin Campbell Robinson, Daniel Roy Connelly, Kirsten Luckins, Craig Cunningham, Patrick Holloway, Natalie Shaw, David Clarke, Dennis Tomlinson, Steve Lorriman, Jim Bennett, Rosamund Brown, Neil Fulwood, Sam Small, Andrew Pidoux, Marc Carver, Daniel Williams, Nigel Jarrett, Rob Halpern, Jenny Cross

Audio Poem by:  The James Worse Public Address Method

Reviews of: Ten Poems from Scotland, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, SJ Fowler & Auld Enemies, Paul Farley & Robert Crawford, Unmade Bed / Braindead Poetry Party and our Edinburgh Round-Up

Article: Spoken Word Past & Present, Part 2, by Paul McMenemy                                     

A Poem in Detail: Melissa Lee-Houghton, Rob Miles and Phoebe Walker discuss ‘Throw’ by David Clarke.

You can buy the issue here.


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