Issue 1, August 2014 – What is Lunar Poetry?


Poems by: Kirsten Irving, Hugh McMillan, Fanni Sütő, Myra Schneider, Martyn Crucefix, Andrew James Brown, Bob Beagrie, Godefroy Dronsart, David Grubb, Alwyn Marriage, Sean Wai Keung, Gary From Leeds, Fiona Nelson, Magdalena Wolak, Carolyn Oulton, Niall Firth, Chris Baughan, Lesley Burt, Tim Kiely, Rob Miles, D.S. West, Stuart A. Paterson

Audio Poems by: Chris Baughan, Bob Beagrie with SJ Forth

Reviews of: Lucy Lepchani and Melissa Lee-Houghton, Norbert Hirschhorn, Candlestick Press Children’s Pamphlets, Three Pamphlets from Doghouse Books, Utter! Space, Star of Kings, London

Article: Spoken Word Past and Present, Part 1, by Paul McMenemy

A Poem in Detail: Wynn Wheldon, David Clarke and Claire Trévien discuss ‘Second Prize Answer’ by Carolyn Oulton.

You can buy the issue here.


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