Double Issue 6 & 7, January/February 2015 – The New Nonsense

Cover 6

Poems by: Vik Shirley, Tam Blaxter, Christopher Mulrooney, Carolyn Oulton, Jessica Wortley, Peter Ebsworth, David Turner, Wynn Wheldon, William Roychowdhury, Beth McDonough, Chris Hemingway, Ölmo Lazarus, MJ Duggan, Mantz Yorke, Grant Tarbard, Krishan Coupland, Owen Vince, Pippa Little, Pat Simmons, Myra Schneider, Noel King, Tim Kiely, Daniel Roy Connelly, Donald Chegwin, Bethany W. Pope, Jenny Ellest, Robert Wood, JS Watts, Lucy Winrow, Fiona Sinclair, Kamikawa, Dane Cobain, Grahaeme Barrasford Young, Kevin Heaton, Mitchell Grabois, Jan Moran Neil, Jenny Cross, Fran Baillie, Aidan Fadden, Michael Morris, Seth Crook, Jeremy Keighley, Dennis Tomlinson

Audio Poems by: Shadwell Smith, Kamikawa, Jason Pilley and David Turner

Reviews of: Collections by Jemma L. King, Sue Moules, Kyle Laws, Bobby Parker Alwyn Marriage, Noel King, Simon Travers; and live reviews of: Fen Speak, 503Fusions, The Shipwrecked House

Articles on: Nonsense in Poetry, by Paul McMenemy, and Cider [or the need for a critical audience in spoken word], by David Turner

A Poem in Detail: David Clarke, Phoebe Walker and Paul McMenemy discuss Wynn Wheldon’s ‘Subject’.

You can buy the issue here.


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